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3 Outstanding Spielberg films So Far

3 Outstanding Spielberg films So Far

There is hardly a person on earth who doesn’t know who Steven Spielberg is. He has had a bigger impact on the industry than virtually any other director. It was him who all but created the concept of a blockbuster. Or, a film that did so well it was seen around the world, made so much money that it defied belief, and was loved by so many that it became a permanent part of culture. What’s more staggering is that Spielberg not only invented the concept of a blockbuster, but has made more than any other director.

These are 3 of his films that stand apart as being worthy of masterpiece status.


How many times have you seen Jaws, based on the novel by the same name? How much did it make you not want to go into the ocean? That is the power of good directing, and the true impact of a film that defies all conventions. The shark looks extremely fake now. Though, it even looked fake at the time the film released, in 1975. But the psychological manipulation of the giant shark flick is what was revolutionary, and it literally shaped movie making from that day forward.

Today, yes, the shark still looks fake, but the power of the directing shines as much as the day the movie released. It is still a nail-biting experience. Plus, even if you aren’t technically afraid of sharks, you probably will be by the end.

Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is the kind of film that can leave you with deep, troubling emotions that linger long after the credits have rolled. You might be sitting playing a favourite casino game at days after watching, and still find your mind drifting back to the events of the movie.

There is no doubt that it deals with a dark part of human history, the holocaust. But it also never goes further than is absolutely necessary in depicting the horrors, staying true instead to telling a profoundly engaging, deeply probing character study. Most incredible of all is that it handles every character in the film in an equally deep and complex way, including those that you will despise.

A true unbiased blockbuster masterpiece.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark redefined what an action adventure film was, and would be, forever. Indiana Jones turned the action hero cliché on its head, introducing audiences to a lead that was both handsome, and lovably flawed at the same time. Of course, it also delivered action by the bucket load, but every punch and gunshot was offset by regular moments of genuine comedy.

Perhaps most interesting is that Raiders of the Lost Ark is an example of the film industry at a sort of peak. The vast majority of the special effects were practical, and the stunts as dangerous as they seem on the big screen. In comparison to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, also Spielberg but lacking a certain something, the franchise acts as a sort of catalogue as to how the industry has evolved.