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The Worst Book-To-Film Adaptations

Novels and short stories are being adapted in movies all the time. It’s been a trend ever since the first motion pictures were made. Some have been done incredibly well – Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series spring to mind. However, some have been done very, very badly. Those […]


Broadway Hits That Were Turned Into Movies

Broadway Hits

There is a magic to live theater that many believe cannot be interpreted successfully into a film. However, there are a number of movies that happily prove critics wrong when they are done well and adapted properly to the new medium. When the writer, director and performers understand that there is a fundamental difference between […]


The Best Films Based On Stephen King’s Work

Stephen King is regarded as one of the greatest authors of modern times. His stories, which cover a large set of genres, have captivated hundreds of millions of readers over the last few decades, and turned him into a true household name. He’s most well-known for his horror novels, many of which have remained bestsellers […]


The Absolute Worst Movies Ever Made

The film industry has been around for over a century, and it’s given rise to a unique spectrum of quality that just about every movie ever made can neatly fit in to. There are some films, such as The Green Mile, Citizen Kane and The Shawshank Redemption that are almost without reproach, offering brilliant storytelling, […]


Time Travel Movies Worth a Watch

Time Travel Movies

Time travel is a plot device used in countless forms of media, often because it allows the writers to change and reroute the story as much as they want without any real consequences, which means that it’s fairly easy to find a time travel theme in bad films. At the same time, when done correctly, […]