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The Best Movies In The Step-Up Franchise

The Best Movies In The Step-Up Franchise

There are two kinds of individuals in this world: those who love the “Step Up” movies and then people who haven’t seen them all. The franchise started as a straightforward teen romance in 2006 however quickly evolved into a series of lavish pop spectacles that were propelled by cheesy melodrama and boosted by elaborate dance choreography, performed by some of the best dancers from across the world.

As the movies get crazier, so too does our love of the quirky cast as well as their over-the-top shenanigans; think “Fast & Furious,” if the franchise found its outlandish tone in the second film rather than the fifth. Let’s take a look back at this whole, wonderful franchise!


This movie centres around hardened street kid Tyler who finds himself paired with uptight modern dancer Nora for a dance which could decide both their fates. One of the more serious films on the list, this film includes a lot more than just dancing.

This film features Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Mario, Drew Sidor as well as Damaine Radcliffe. This was the movie which would spawn a franchise that includes four sequels in addition to a television series that is still going on today. Many consider this film to be a teen classic, along the same lines as Bring It On and Stick It. Step Up grossed $114.2 million at the box office versus the $12 million budget.

Step Up 2 The Streets

The movie that set the “Step Up” series on its new pathway and presented the world to filmmaker Jon M Chu (who was also responsible for “Crazy Rich Asians,” “In the Heights”) takes the class-warfare aspect of the first “Step Up” and reframes it as, if you turn your head just so slightly, a series of detailed heists.

Briana Evigan is a street dancer who’s compelled to enrol in a snooty school if she wants to stay in town. Along the way she starts up a crew full of misfits to prove their oddball styles have a place in the academic and the pop dance environment. Utterly sincere entertainment, with a memorable ensemble cast of professional dancers who dazzle in one great scene after another. The climax, which is set in the rain, is all-timer.

Step Up 3D

A follow-up to Step Up 2: The Streets, this film sees the come-back of Moose on his path as an engineering major at NYU when he encounters the Pirates, which is a dance crew who lands him in the middle of a battle.

The crew requires his skill for the World Jam Championship and the $100 000 grand prize that comes with it, which they need in order to solve all their challenges. This prize money is much like the huge payouts you can win wagering at betting sites online in Australia. The film features Adam Sevani, Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson as well as Alyson Stoner.

This film is the highest-grossing Step Up film with box office sales of $159.2 million. It got

mixed reviews from critics as many people enjoyed the 3D effect and all the dance battles however felt the film fell flat when it came to storytelling.