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Horror Movies That Were Banned Worldwide

It’s quite rare for a movie to be banned by a single country, let alone a number of them, but sometimes a director will release a piece of work so violent or disturbing that the relevant authorities need to step in.

These are movies that are not suitable for the whole family and were often banned for a number of different factors, but the main focus is almost always violence, although animal cruelty is a good way of getting banned for a long time, depending on the country. These are the films that were so over the top that they were ultimately banned either forever or for a few years.

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What Makes Quentin Tarantino So Good?

Whatever you think of his films, you have to admit that Quentin Tarantino is a unique voice that makes movies in a way that is always true to his style. The man genuinely lives up to the idea of a true auteur. Many have accused him of being egotistical, but everyone who has worked with him has said he is great because he knows what he wants and how to explain that to you when working on set.

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Historical Movies That Got It Wrong

There has long been a debate raging between film scholars over whether or not a historical film has a duty to be accurate in its depiction of people and events. Considering that society has become such a visual creature, and many prefer to learn through film rather than books, this is quite the important question.

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Movies So Bad They’re Good

Any movie lover has that special guilty pleasure film that they watch when no one’s around. A film that’s usually a mixture of terrible screenplay, awful plot, hilarious acting, and a slew of terrible reviews. It’s extremely difficult for a movie to be so bad that it ends up becoming a cult classic, as most bad movies are just that: bad. Every now and again, however, a director and team of actors bring out something that’s obviously bad, but has enough going for it that it’s able to stand out from the crowd and become popular, even if this can sometimes take a couple of years.

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The 5 Best Comedy Films Of All Time

Today’s cinemas are usually packed with action, science fiction, fantasy, or horror movies, with genres like comedy not getting the attention is deserves. This is partly because movie companies have lost their touch when it comes to making funny films, but also because the general audience finds their sources of comedy from other means.

Regardless, for those that are looking to find some truly funny movie material, these are some of the best comedies ever made.

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The Mindbenders – Movies That Make You Think

Timer – 2009

Of all the world’s mind-distorting movies, Timer has got to be among everyone’s Top 5 top mindbenders of all time. A “Timer” is implanted into a willing individual’s wrist and upon implantation begins a count-down of the days until the day on which the implantee finds true and genuine love. Continue reading “The Mindbenders – Movies That Make You Think”


Top 5 Movies About Drag Queens

Mainstream audiences may think of drag queens solely in comedic terms, but a closer look at the top 5 movies in which they play a central role reveals another side to them.

While some characters certainly have been used to provide moments of pantomime-like humour, they also have been mouthpieces for wisdom and examples of bravery, ingenuity, and tenacity.

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