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80s Movies That Still Hold Up

80s Movies That Still Hold Up

We all have a favorite movie or two from yester-year. With so many platforms now allowing you to rent or stream some golden oldies and classics from previous cinematic eras, it’s never been easier to revisit your favorites. However, the big question is “should you?”

The trouble with remembering a classic from the 80s is that it was a long time ago now. You may have your rose-tinted glasses on when you think back to how much you enjoyed the film and how it made you feel. Today, the movie may not be relevant anymore, your sense of humor may have changed, or the special effects might just be so bad that you can’t enjoy the film at all.

It’s a big risk, re-watching something you loved from back then if you haven’t seen it since it first came out in the decade of dayglo and perms. The good news is, there are several films from the 80s that actually do hold up and are not just watchable in 2020 – they’re still great!

The NeverEnding Story

No childhood is actually complete without seeing this gem from 1984. The story is full of adventure, childlike wonder and proper heartbreak – and it is still just as relevant today as it was when it first came out. The film may end, but the story will live on with each person that watches it at any age.

Working Girl

In the wake of #MeToo and women demanding equal pay and opportunity in the workplace, this 1988 film is more than just relevant – it shows us just how much work we still need to do. The struggle keeps on going, and the soundtrack to Working Girl will make you want to fight the good fight even more.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Everyone understands the need to just blow off their responsibilities and get into some good, old trouble. That’s exactly the kind of wish fulfillment on display in this gem from 1986. It’s a classic romp that is still funny and it’s a hoot to see so many great actors looking so young again!


It’s a classic tale of reinventing the self, but with quite the twist. It’s also full of amazing actors doing what they do best. This 1982 comedy is full of heart and has quite a strong message of acceptance that is still pretty relevant today.


From cute to creepy, this comedy-horror from 1984 is still hilariously brilliant – even with its dated special effects (which aren’t too bad because they were largely done with puppets and animatronics on set). The main reason it still holds up is because it was never meant to be serious and everyone involved was clearly just having some fun.

Steel Magnolias

It’s an ensemble cast that dreams are made of – some real powerhouse American actresses make up this feel-good movie. The excellent script, the incredible performances and the awesome southern drawls mean that this 1989 classic just doesn’t date. Yes the hair is big, but so is the heart of this film.