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A Star is Born

A Star is Born

Well known actor Bradley Cooper makes his debut as a director (and also co star) with this sensational feature film, a well told story of love and dreams. This is now the fourth film version of this story, the previous having featured acting greats such as Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand as the star the story revolves around.

And Lady Gaga has herself made an amazing film debut in a difficult role, a role that highlights and focuses on the actress’s skills in detail. This risk taken by Cooper on the inexperienced Lady Gaga really pays off, and takes this movie to great levels.

Using original songs from Lady Gaga, Cooper has kept the compelling storyline but managed to infuse a new life into this thrice told story, while himself being an amazing presence on the screen. Cooper additionally spent a year and a half taking voice lessons, and this shows in his singing performance in the film.

Set for release in October 2018 at cinemas, this is a must see movie that outshines other recently released films – and has the ingredients to be a massive hit. This movie is a future classis, to watch so take a short break from your online betting NZ thrills and make a mem to visit a movie theatre in October.

The Story

We first meet Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper), addicted to drugs and alcohol, Jackson is an amazing artist who is selling out shows but struggling with his addictions and the emptiness of the lifestyle he is living. Jackson stumbles across Ally (Lady Gaga) singing at a local bar while he is again out drinking. Though Ally is covering an Edith Piaf song, and is not an experienced artist like Jackson – she impresses him and he falls for her almost immediately.

Ally is a simple girl, with no dreams of super stardom – she is quite content with her bar singing gig and paying her bills with these earnings. She still lives with her father, who is a pessimist who believes luck is not on your side when it comes to finding fame and fortune – even if they are super talented like he believes his daughter is. In the end Ally makes the decision to trust in Jackson and leave with him, despite knowing he is an alcoholic – because he believes in her.

A great scene in the first third of this movies is Ally singing her song Shallow – it has a huge build up and the understanding if these two people meeting randomly and Ally having such a lucky journey to stardom is impressed upon viewers.

We learn more of Jackson’s abusive childhood, an alcoholic father who used to give his young children, we start to have an understanding of his lifestyle. Jacksons elder brother seems to be the only reason he made it out of childhood alive, but Jackson does not want his elder brothers help as an adult. The performance by Cooper as an angry jealous, broken person who only lives to hear his love sing is riveting – and sure to win him awards.

Though Lady Gaga gives a solid performance in her role as a new star, Cooper is the one who steals the whole show – both as director and co-star.