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The Greatest Action Films Of All Time

The Greatest Action Films Of All Time

Action has been one of the most popular genres of film since around the late 1970s, and it’s proven over and over again that it’s a genre that the audience will continue to flock to. Action films can encompass a wide range of different themes, from classic explosion-laden 80s flicks, to the more modern superhero movies that have taken the box office by storm in the last few years.

For any film lover that’s looking to get that much needed shot of pure adrenaline that only a fast-paced action film can deliver, these are the best movies in the genre ever made.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day-to-day

As one of the penultimate action movies of the late 1980s, Terminator 2 is a masterclass in great acting, a captivating storyline, and has plenty of spectacular action to boot. The story follows that of John Connor as he teams up with the Terminator as opposed to the original, which had the Terminator hunting for him. And while there’s no doubting that the original has plenty of merit, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to its predecessor, a film that continues to be a favourite among action fans.

Die Hard

Die Hard is often considered as the action movie that truly catapulted the genre into the fan favourite that it is today, and it’s not hard to see why. With a truly memorable villain, countless action scenes overflowing with suspense, and a brilliant and unforgettable performance by Bruce Willis makes this movie like no other. First released in 1988, Die Hard went on to become a huge success around the world, and is still played traditionally around Christmas time, although it’s possible to play online now.

The Dark Knight

Considered the magnum opus from director Christopher Nolan, the Dark Knight is a gritty retelling of the story of Batman and his long-term arch nemesis, the Joker. The original film, while popular, wasn’t able to capture its audience in quite the same way as the Dark Knight, and this is mainly down to the choice of villain. The Joker, portrayed by Heath Ledger, is one of the greatest movie villains of all time, and he even won a posthumous award for his incredible performance. Along with this, Nolan is well known in the industry for putting great care into the sets that he creates, and that passion comes through in the Dark Knight.


Predator was part of the alien-centric range of movies that were all the rage in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and remains a true classic that’s worth a watch at least once a year. Predator focuses on a band of soldiers that become stranded and hunted in the jungle, and it’s a movie that’s dripping with suspense from start to finish, successfully building fear in the audience of the Predator and what’s capable of. It’s a film packed with unforgettable one liners, as well as a number of excellent action scenes.