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The Best Dog Films Ever Made

The Best Dog Films Ever Made

Dogs are man’s best friend. They’ve been by our side for thousands of years and have always been faithful companions that many people view as family. It’s not hard to see why dogs have long been a part of popular media, and why there have been so many films made over the years that focus on the bonds that we form with our beloved canines.

While a lot of animal-based movies are often not so great, with bad acting, cheap effects, and cliché storylines that can be a bore to watch, there is a handful of dog films out there that are truly great. Here we will look at some of the best dog films of all time.


Cujo does not paint dogs in the best light, but it’s nonetheless an excellent film that keeps the viewer constantly waiting to see what will happen next. Based on a book by Stephen King, Cujo is about a St. Bernard that becomes infected with rabies, and proves to be a dangerous foe to a mother and her son.

It’s an incredibly tense film that never lets up for a second and carries much of the magic that only King could create through his works.

Lady And The Tramp

Considered something of a classic in the animated world, Lady and The Tramp is instantly recognisable for many, and most people would know where the famous spaghetti eating scene is from.

Released in 1955, it didn’t take long for Lady and The Tramp to become an instant hit for both kids and their parents, and the story, voice acting, and animation still holds up well to this day.

Old Yeller

Opening in the cinemas in 1957, Old Yeller is another classic that usually ends with the audience in tears. It tells the tale of what our pets mean to us, how they can change our lives, and how we ultimately deal with their loss.

It’s hard film to watch, but it’s also a timeless film that everyone needs to see at one point or another. It’s also a sad film that might make the watcher want to turn it off and do something fun instead, like play online casino India games instead.

My Dog Skip

With the ever-talented Frankie Muniz as the lead in My Dog Skip, here we have another story of a young boy and his love for his canine companion.

Moose and Enzo are the two Jack Russells that star in the movie, and they’re captivating from start to finish. With a brilliant cast of actors and a sincere story to tell, there are few dog movies that are quite as moving or have quite as much heart.

Marley And Me

Released in the late 2000s and starring Owen Wilson, Marley And Me is all about the trials, tribulations, and special moments that come along with owning a dog.

From mischievous puppy antics to truly memorable and heartfelt scenes scattered throughout the film, Marley And Me is an excellent watch that’s best suited for the entire family, and will make anyone love their pup that much more.