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Best Netflix Films As Of 2020

Best Netflix Films As Of 2020

The days of having to trudge to a cinema to see the latest blockbuster are over. There is now a treasure trove of endless entertainment available online, via streaming services such as Netflix. The real challenge can be finding the best Netflix original content, amidst an ever growing sea.

But, make no mistake, Netflix original films are now as good, or sometimes even better, than those made in Hollywood.

Take a look at our picks for the best Netflix original movies, available to watch right now.

Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is based on the novel by Stephen King of the same name. Directed by Mike Flanagan and staring Carla Gugino, it is a psychological horror that defies expectations.

The premise is simple; a couple visit an isolated cabin in Alabama, with the intention of spicing up their love life. Sadly, the result is a long, horrifying experience for Jessie (Gugino,) who lands up handcuffed to a bed without a key.

Viewers join Jessie as she endures the terror of slowly dying of thirst, while also diving into her long, troubled past. Calling Gerald’s Game one of the best psychological horrors in recent years is an understatement. You might just want to play fun games on your phone while you watch, just so you have something fun to distract yourself with during the more troubling moments.

The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs

By directing legends Joel and Ethan Cohen, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is as close to a masterpiece of dark comedy as can be found on Netflix. Supported by acting talent such as James Franco, Liam Neeson, and Tim Blake Nelson, the movie unfolds over six distinct chapters. Each is set in the Old West, but certainly doesn’t conform to expected clichés.

Instead, the film makes fun of Old West clichés, exposing them for the nonsense they really are. The movie is hilarious, interesting, deeply disturbing, and thought provoking, all at the same time. A must watch, although viewers shouldn’t go in expecting a traditional Western.

Bird Box

The Bird Box craze swept the world of social media, with trend jumpers everywhere strapping on blindfolds and acting like idiots. The movie itself is less funny.

Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock, explores the interesting premise of monsters that drives you crazy if you look at them. Hence, the only means of survival is putting on a blindfold, and trying to navigate the world via wits.

The film may lose a little steam towards the end, but still manages to keep the tension high.

The Irishman

Last we have The Irishman, directed by Marin Scorsese and staring the classic De Niro and Pacino duo. The film explores the life of a World War 2 veteran, Frank Sheeran, who lands up as a hitman for the mob. As expected from a Scorsese film, long stretches of engaging dialogue are broken up with sudden peaks of intense, sombre violence.

The Irishman is Oscar nominated, and rumours are already suggesting that it will walk away with the gold.