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Christopher Nolan’s Best Movies

Christopher Nolan’s Best Movies

Christopher Nolan is currently one of the hottest directors in the movie industry right now. Not only are his films thought-provoking, but they’re also packed with great action, as well as some of the very best actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Nolan has spent the last two decades turning himself into a true international star, and many of his works have received widespread critical acclaim. With that in mind, these are some of the best movies made by Christopher Nolan so far.


Starring such talent as Michael Caine and Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception made a name for itself due to the mind-bending nature of the story that’s being told.

The story focuses on the ability of people to enter other people’s dreams, where they are able to plant specific ideas and have the dreamer believe that they thought the idea up organically. It boasts amazing visuals, great acting, brillaint action sequences, and enough Nolan flair to keep viewers guessing throughout. It’s unconventional and unique and remains one his best creations to date.

The Dark Knight

The retelling of the story of everyone’s favourite superhero was given a modern and mature flair, and it was overall well-received by most people. But it was the sequel that really made Nolan’s name come into the spotlight.

With an excellent story, screenplay, visuals, and particularly acting, the Dark Knight brought new life into comic book heroes that had become quite stale in films that had come out before. The Joker was a character that everyone loved, and although it was also partly the reason the Heath Ledger sadly took his life, many consider it one of the best performances of all time.


There are lots of different World War 2 movies to choose from, but not all of them really capture what it was like for the young men that went over to Europe to fight in the war. But Dunkirk paints a one-of-a-kind look at what kind of environment these soldiers faced, and how they fought to try and get a hold of the areas where many of them were evacuating.

Told from a few different perspectives, we watch as the soldiers simultaneously hold off their enemy while trying to escape on ships and cross over to the UK. It’s an inspiring movie and another great collection for anyone that has a passion for war history, and one of the few movies that can draw a viewer away.


Interstellar is widely regarded as one of the most scientifically accurate movies ever made, and there’s enough science and creativity here to make it a true sci-fi great.

Centred around a small group of people attempting to save humanity from a sick planet, here we see the main characters travel to the very ends of time and space to try and find answers to the problems they are facing. It’s a moving film of how a father will do anything in the name of love. Combined with excellent visuals, and Interstellar is a film like no other, and definitely worth giving a watch.