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Dances With Wolves

Dances With Wolves

Dances with Wolves is a western film that was released in 1990. It was directed by Kevin Costner, who also starred in the film, and it won seven Academy Awards and a Golden Globe award for the best drama. It has as almost many wins as those who are successful in Bendigo Cup betting behind it, and when you watch it, you’ll see why.

John Dunbar, a Lieutenant in the Union army is sent to the frontier.  When he arrives he finds the post deserted and in bad shape.  He decides to stay.

He begins to restore the fort and writes in a journal every day.  His only friend is a wolf who he names Two Socks, because of his two white feet.

Dunbar Meets The Sioux

One day he encounters a Sioux man, Kicking Bird, trying to steal his horse.  He manages to chase the man.  Later a group Sioux Indians return once again to steal his horse.  Dunbar plans to visit the Sioux village and meets a woman on his way.

She is hurt and he takes her with him to the village.  The Sioux are wary of him and the warriors are ready to attack.  Kicking Bird persuades them not to.  After their first encounter the chief, Ten Bears and some of the Sioux begin a series of visits with Dunbar.

The woman, Stands With A Fist, was found by the Sioux and adopted when her family were killed in a raid and she acts as translator when the visits happen.  His relationship with the Sioux grows and he is given an Indian name, Dances With Wolves.

He also falls in love with Stands With A Fist who he also marries.  Dunbar aids the Sioux when the Pawnee attack them and helps them with firearms.

The Danger

Dunbar warns Ten Bears that the white man will soon be coming and that they should move their camp.  He also realises that he has left his journal at the outpost and will need to return to get it back as it contains evidence of the location of the Sioux.

When he gets back to the fort the US soldiers take him prisoner and because he is seen as a deserter he will be transported to Fort Hays to be hanged.

The Sioux find out what has happened and plan to rescue Dunbar when he is being transported.  They are successful and he goes back to the camp with them.  Dunbar realises that as long as he is with them they are in danger, as the US soldiers will continue to search for him.  Together with Stands With A Fist they decide to leave to ensure the safety of the Sioux.

It is a beautiful story adapted from Michael Blake’s novel and was applauded for including advice from Native Americans.  The film also incorporates the Lakota language and the actors were coached by a professional and this all added to the authenticity of the film.  It was filmed in South Dakota, which is known for its beautiful landscapes.

This is a wonderful love story as well and will appeal to adults as it does contain some violence and may not be good for sensitive viewers.