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5 Films That Inspire Deep Thought

5 Films That Inspire Deep Thought

There are many types of film in the world. Some focus on action, while others take on a more comedic role. But some films are designed to provoke thought about the nature of life and the many experiences that we go through on a daily basis.

These are some of those films, and all of them are perfect for those filmgoers looking for something a little more.

1. The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

As one of Wes Anderson’s first films, this charming movie explores the relationships and experiences of the eccentric oceanographer, Steve Zissou. As with many of Anderson’s films, the cinematography and star-studded cast are enough to make any film lover want to sit down and enjoy the entire thing.

What really sets this film apart. However, is its truly weird structure, use of effects, and plot. Confusing throughout, the film could honestly read as a Bond thriller if given different dialogue.

2. A Clockwork Orange

This film is among one of the most hard-core creations of all time, and while it can be hard to watch, it deserves its place. Stanley Kubrick directs this cult favourite and successfully brings to life the world the novel of the same name.

Yet another dystopian society, this time run amuck with bandits and gang members, “A Clockwork Orange” explores themes like violence, rape, theft, and even brainwashing.

3. Her

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, her is set in a near-distant future where it’s possible to date our AI, and Phoenix’s introverted and depressed Theodore Twombly begins to fall in love with his personal assistant named Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Samantha exists solely within an operating system, but learns about the nature of humanity. This film is yet another strange story about love, showing how technology might one day attempt to take place of those real experiences that make us human. It’s a big change of using our electronic personal assistants to start up a game of Australian online pokies.

4. The Lobster

“The Lobster” is a love story set in a possibly dystopian future where people transform into animals if they end up single.

This masterfully poignant yet subtly disturbing film questions why we love, how we love, and how society governs that love. The film stars Colin Farrell, along with a mix of other notable actors like Rachel Weisz.

5. Brigsby Bear

Starring and written by SNL member and master of weird, Kyle Mooney and Mark Hamill, this comedy-drama brings offbeat comedy to the silver screen. James Pope is a young man obsessed with the show “Brigsby Bear,” and when the show comes to a finish, his life is completely changed forever.

Through a desire to finish the show, James uses his creativity as a tool of healing and as a means to learn about his new and unfamiliar world.