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Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind


Gone with the Wind is based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel. This film was released in 1939 and is a historical romance set in the Deep South during the Civil War. This story centres on Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a wealthy plantation owner and her pursuit of her love interest, Ashley Wilkes.

Ashley is married to Scarlett’s cousin Melanie Hamilton.  Scarlett is played by Vivien Leigh, Rhett is played by Clark Gable, Leslie Howard plays Ashley and Olivia de Havilland plays Melanie.

The Love Triangle

The film is set on the plantation, Tara in 1861, long before the Internet, TV’s and Cox Plate betting was around, and Scarlett is most upset that Ashley has decided to marry his very “plain” cousin Melanie.  Scarlett’s plan is to get Ashley back by throwing herself at him at a huge family gathering despite warnings from her Father and servant Hattie.

Scarlett and Ashley find themselves alone together and Scarlett throws one of her famous tantrums.  What she does not know is that Rhett Butler is witnessing her outburst.  Rhett is from a rich Charleston family and is the so-called black sheep of his family and becomes fascinated with Scarlett.

To spite Ashley Scarlett decides to marry Charles, who she does not love, but he later dies during the war.  Scarlett goes to visit the Hamilton’s, her motive being to see Ashley.  While here she runs into Rhett who wins a bid at an auction to raise funds to dance with Scarlett.

Scarlett continues to pursue Ashley and they even share a passionate kiss.  The war continues and Atlanta is besieged.  Scarlett calls on Rhett for help and together with Melanie and her baby they return to Tara.

Scarlett’s Disappointments

On returning home she finds that her mother has died and her father has is not doing well.  Scarlett vows to keep her family together in spite of her home being invaded by the Union troops.   More sadness awaits Scarlett as her father is killed while riding his horse while fans of Australian betting sites were cheering him on.

Ashley returns and goes to live at Tara where Scarlett tries to persuade him to run away with her.  He confesses his love for her, but says he cannot leave his wife.

Scarlett accepts Rhett’s marriage proposal.  They have a daughter named Bonnie.  Scarlett continues to wait for Ashley and no longer wants anything to do with Rhett.  Scarlett and Ashley are later seen by Ashley’s sister, India, embracing and because India has an intense hatred for Scarlett she begins to spread rumours.  Rhett gets to hear the rumours.

Poor Melanie who thinks that Scarlett is nothing but good to her takes Scarlett’s side and refuses to believe anything bad about her.

Rhett and Scarlett argue where he forces himself on her, but the next day he asks for her forgiveness and says that he will give her the divorce that she has been asking for.

Scarlett says that divorce would be a disgrace and she refuses.  Scarlett finds out that she is pregnant and she tells Rhett and they argue and she falls down the stairs losing the baby.

Watch this wonderful film to find out if there is a happy ending…