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The Top 5 Components of Great Films

The Top 5 Components of Great Films

Films have always been an important component of our lives and our entertainment sessions. Whether you are sitting at a cinema or at home, movies have the power to entertain and influence us like nothing else on earth. When you watch a particularly good film, you may also have no problem with watching it again and again too, showing just how impactful they can be!

Even after the movie you have chosen is over, a good piece of film will have you thinking about its plot twists and characters for weeks afterwards. Simply put, an excellent film is comprised of equal parts creativity, talent and diligence. Here are the 5 essential components to every great movie to help you choose your next one.

#1: Interesting Characters

Probably the most significant aspect of film storytelling is having interesting and well-written characters to play out the script. This is the reason why skilled actors are usually the lifeblood of a popular film. The best characters in films are the ones that viewers can relate to directly, which makes them likeable and worthy of your sympathy.

An emotional connection between you and a character means that you will follow the story more closely, which makes for a successful movie all around. Likewise, if the main protagonist of a film is not likeable, the movie is not likely to do well at the box office! This is the secret to mobile casino Malaysia games as well – their characters are unique and immersive to add to the fun.

#2: Creative Plot

Any good movie should have a creative and intriguing plot to keep viewers immersed. Some people prefer simple, straightforward plots in their movies, while others prefer more complexity and twists in the mix. Either way, a plot can make or break a movie depending on how much thought has gone into it. Most experts believe that films should not be packed with too many characters, however, as this makes the story confusing and hard to follow at times.

#3: Resonant Theme

The theme or message in any great movie is always evident and easy to understand. After all, the whole point of a film is to get a certain message or concept across to the audience creatively. Some people enjoy movies with circular plots and no particular themes (such as those in the art-house genre), but most movie-goers appreciate a clear theme in the films they choose to watch.

#4: Attention to Detail

The details of any movie are part of what makes it special. This starts during the script-writing process, during which film makers must consider shots, casting, and any finer details they want to add. Hidden Easter eggs and attention to detail are always appreciated, and help to make a piece of film memorable as well.

#5: Great Ending

Any story needs to have a good ending to it, and films are no different. Movies often tank at the box office because of weak or uninteresting endings, even if the rest of the film was of a good quality. Good endings and sad endings alike need to be portrayed in a unique way, and the story must be wrapped up clearly. With that said, everyone loves a happy ending!