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Will The MCU New Era Keep Momentum?

Will The MCU New Era Keep Momentum?

You already know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen success on an unprecedented level. Each film managed to be a hit, even if some are more highly acclaimed than others. Either way, not a single film that tied into the universe was a failure, which is nothing short of a miraculous.

But, as is well known, one of the keys to keeping a franchise fresh and interesting is that at some point it must come to an end. If a story is floundering to keep momentum, it will inevitably crash and burn. So that the MCU finally came to a conclusion, and brought the years of films to a satisfactory conclusion, was the correct choice. Avengers: Endgame was that conclusion.

Though just because there was a definite ending, it doesn’t mean it all has to come to a halt. Naturally, the MCU will soon be kicking off Phase 4.

Is Enough Really Enough?

At the time that Avengers: Endgame arrived, many already had the feeling that the MCU was winding down. There is such a thing as oversaturation, and that is indeed the state that superhero films were reaching. Not to the point that audiences were browsing Aussie sports betting sites on their phones in the cinema as they were looking for real entertainment, but audience fatigue was clearly fast approaching.

So the real question is; does the world really even want, or need, a so called Phase 4? Is there anywhere that the franchise can go that it hasn’t already? Or is it best to simply let the MCU be laid to rest?

Even if you thought the answer to that question was yet, Black Widow is already on the horizon in May. It will be the first of Phase 4, and will be followed up Eternals at the end of the year.

It Better Be Different

There has been little in the way of hype for Black Widow so far, but that is likely to change as show time draws near. But whatever the plot of Black Widow is, it will have to be nothing short of revolutionary to pull audiences back in for another storyline.

However, rumours already suggest that the film will be, officially, a prequel. It is suggested that events will take place between Civil War and Infinity War, and that in itself is a pretty bad sign. Why the first film in Phase 4 is set in the previous storyline is an enormous, glaring question. Wouldn’t the smart move be to spearhead a whole new era?

The MCU Has A Great Track Record

But then again, the MCU hasn’t taken a wrong step up until this point. So at least some level of faith is only fair. Chances are good that some very important, and likely very stressed people, have the new phase thoroughly thought out. If they think Black Widow should be set between two previous films, they likely have good reason.

Either way, if the MCU will continue to survive is a question that only the future will properly answer.