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Movies So Bad They’re Good

Movies So Bad They’re Good

Any movie lover has that special guilty pleasure film that they watch when no one’s around. A film that’s usually a mixture of terrible screenplay, awful plot, hilarious acting, and a slew of terrible reviews. It’s extremely difficult for a movie to be so bad that it ends up becoming a cult classic, as most bad movies are just that: bad. Every now and again, however, a director and team of actors bring out something that’s obviously bad, but has enough going for it that it’s able to stand out from the crowd and become popular, even if this can sometimes take a couple of years.

Troll 2

The original Troll was not a good film by any stretch of the imagination, but it was released at a time where terrible D movies were popular, but it was otherwise an unforgettable flick that most don’t really remember, especially when compared to its successor, Troll 2. The sequel was everything that could be bad in a film, from infamously bad acting, a plot that made little sense, glaringly painful plot holes, and some of the worst scenes in cinema history. But it all culminates in a truly unique piece of work that offers enough light-hearted cringe moments that it’s somewhat endearing, and it’s a must-watch for anyone that adores bad movies.


Birdemic is among the lowest budget movies to have ever been made, and the lack of funding can be seen in every single scene. The acting is barely more than the most basic communication between the characters, the story is simultaneously dull and surprising, and the graphical effects look as though they were done using Microsoft Clip-art. Birdemic shines in its own terribleness, there are few other creations that are quite as badly made, but the sheer lack of quality sets it apart from other senseless drivel that has been released over the years, making it great for killing time between betting at Ausbet. Birdemic is a masterpiece in its own right, and the sequel is almost as good.

The Room

Tommy Wiseau was not a well-known name when he first began working on The Room. With a shady past and millions of dollars to spend, he went about putting together a film that would eventually become a true cult classic, to the point where it’s speculated that he’s made countless millions thanks to merchandising. The Room is known for it’s over the top acting, broken storylines, memorable quotes, and some of the strangest plot twists to ever grace modern cinema. The Room is unmissable, and Tommy Wiseau’s performance is unforgettable, even to the point of becoming part of modern pop culture.

The Wicker Man

Based on the original film of the same name, the newest Wicker Man stars Nicolas Cage and retains none of the horror or thrill that made the original so memorable. What makes Cage’s version so memorable, is the acting by Cage himself. It’s unhinged Cage at his best, and every scene throughout the movie is focused on him and the strange time he’s having with the pagans he’s become caught up with. The Wicker Man is an endlessly entertaining movie that tried to take itself too seriously.