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What Movies Can You Stay Glued To All The Time And Not Get Tired Of Watching?

What Movies Can You Stay Glued To All The Time And Not Get Tired Of Watching?

Rather than merely aimlessly scrolling through Netflix the next time you’re feeling at a loss for what you want to stream on a Sunday night, take a sneak peek at our queues for some genuine watchlist inspiration.

I, Robot

The plot of this movie goes around a technophobic cop who – in 2035 – investigates a crime which may have been perpetrated by a robot. This leads to a larger threat to humanity. It is directed by Alex Proyas and stars Will Smith, Bridget Moynathan and Bruce Greenwood – among many others.

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated is a straight-up feel-good film. The plot isn’t too complex but watching Meryl Streep’s character deal with her hilariously complicated relationship with her ex-husband, played by Alec Baldwin, is the perfect addition to a lazy weekend afternoon.

For their performances, the cast was given a National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award for Best Ensemble Cast. In addition, the film was picked at both the Critics’ Choice Awards and the Satellite Awards.

The film earned and garnered Nancy Meyers – who directed the film – two Golden Globe nominations. These included Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy – and Best Screenplay.

Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin each were individually recognised with Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor nominations at the Golden Globe and BAFTA award ceremonies, respectively.

Home Alone

At least once, we all have thought of putting up an elaborate trap inside the house. And we still don’t get how they could leave an 8-year-old behind without noticing.

Home Alone was released in 1990 American comedy film which was written and produced by John Hughes. This film was directed by well-known Chris Columbus and stars Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, John Heard as well as Catherine O’Hara.

Macaulay Culkin stars as eight-year-old Kevin, who has to defend his home from burglars Harry and Marv (Pesci and Stern) after his family inadvertently leaves him behind on their vacation.


Salt is about a CIA agent goes on the run after a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. It is directed by Phillip Noyce and was written by Kurt Wimmer starring Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber, Daniel Olbrychski, August Diehl as well as Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Salt grossed $294 million at the global box office and received generally positive reviews. Praise was received for the action scenes as well as Jolie’s performance.

13 Going On 30

A true classic, this heart-warming, nostalgic movie never ceases to entertain, just like global financial bets. Jennifer Garner is simply adorable as she plays a girl trying to figure out how to be an adult in New York City. Plus, it has a perfectly timed ‘Thriller’ dance sequence, in case you needed another reason to watch this coming-of-age rom-com for the umpteenth time.

The film garnered overall positive reviews from critics, with many praising Garner’s performance as well as its nostalgic environment. 13 Going on 30 was also praised for its humorous plot and self-empowering message. The film was also a commercial success, earning $22 million in its first week and grossing over $96 million,