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The Scariest Films Ever Made

The Scariest Films Ever Made

There is a lot more to a good spine-chilling movie than cheap jump-scares. Take for example creepy kids, or frightening ghosts, or the terrifying phantoms of kid-ghosts.

There’s the prom-dress drenched in the blood of pigs, haunted houses, ravenous zombies, serial killers, and people being possessed to choose from too!

The Babadook by Jennifer Kent

The Babadook relies heavily on the creepy kids trope, and is centred on the recently-widowed mom of a 6-year old boy.

He’s just finished reading a pop-up book about Mister Babadook, a ghoul outfitted in a top hat, and is desperately tries to convince his mother that the evil spirit is real for the duration of the film.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Scott Derrickson directed this superb horror based on the actual story of Annelise Michel. Michel was allegedly possessed by demons and died in 1976 after a number of attempts to exorcise her of them failed.

The lead actress has a weird ability when it comes to contorting her body, and, as her character gets more and more consumed by the devils within her this comes to the fore in terrifying ways.

The Exorcist by William Friedkin

This genre-defining classic was adapted from the 1971 book of the same name. It tells the tale of a 12-year old girl, Regan MacNeil, who gets possessed by Lucifer himself after she starts using a Ouija board to chat to her imaginary friend Captain Howdy.

Loosely based on actual events, it stands as one of the most profitable horror films ever made, as well as one of the scariest. Maybe take a break or two while you watch it? Make a snack, call a friend, win a little extra money at one of the great casinos have to offer?

Hereditary by Ari Aster

Aster’s Hereditary is the rare horror flick that will keep you guessing, or screaming WTF, from beginning to end.

Toni Collette plays Annie, the mother of two teenagers who is struggling to cope with her own mother’s death as cryptic and increasingly terrifying secrets start unfolding about the family’s history.

Paranormal Activity by Oren Peli

The brilliance of Paranormal Activity is that every minute of it plays upon all our deepest fears. It combines the horror of being watched while you’re asleep and vulnerable with the angst that your romantic partner is secretly evil and the terror of actual ghosts infesting your actual house!

Peli chose to film it as though it’s a real home movie, and the expert pacing will see you losing your composure as the nighttime scenes begin.

The Shining by Stanley Kubrick

Jack Nicholson’s fantastic features are the stuff of nightmares in The Shining.

He’s the winter caretaker of the isolated, very ominous, Overlook Hotel in Colorado, hoping to cure his writer’s block. He’s joined by his wife and son and we watch home slowly lose his mind as the building gets inside his head.

The Witch by Robert Eggers

This debut feature-length film for Eggers is set in the New England of 1630. Despair and panic envelop a farmer and his family when Samuel, their youngest child, simply vanishes.

Thought-provoking and visually compelling, The Witch reminds us why it’s never a good idea to move to a remote part of the woods.