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The Best Movies Out of South Korea

The Best Movies Out of South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s most stable countries, with an extremely high human index rating, a high GDP and the fastest internet in the world in general. They’re also one of the most highly educated countries on the globe and have become known in the movie industry for the quality films that they release every year.

Many of these films have become household names due to the excellent acting and production value, and while not all films from South Korea are among the best, these are some that are.

1. The Host

The monster horror genre has begun to stagnate since the 1990s, with more and more low-quality horror films being released that left fans desperate for something new and interesting.

This all changed with the release of The Host, a South Korean monster flick that checked all the right boxes for horror fans. It told a genuinely interesting story about family, while also offering some of the tensest moments in monster movie history.

2. I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil is a unique story about a federal agent that spends so much of his time chasing after serial killers that he eventually becomes one.

It’s a visceral film that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but there’s no denying the high production values and the superb acting. It’s among those special films that make the audience want to look away while also not wanting to miss a single second.

3. Okja

Okja is a movie that made big waves in the international film scene, thanks partly to its brilliant story, along with its ensemble cast that consisted of Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano, and Tilda Swinton.

The story revolves around the ethics of eating animals, and why we’re okay with using some animals as part of our cuisine, while keeping others as pets. It’s a light-hearted movie that asks some serious questions, and should be a must-watch for any animal lover or anyone contemplating veganism, and a perfect way to spend some time between a few games of the real money pokies NZ has to offer.

4. A Tale of Two Sisters

Considered by many to be the best film by acclaimed director Kim Ji-woon, A Tale of Two Sisters is dark horror film that focuses on the well-known folk tale about two young children that have to deal with their evil stepmother.

It’s a genuinely creepy movie with some truly unforgettable scenes, and a credit to the directing skills of Ji-woon. And although the movie was remade starring Elizabeth Banks, it doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

5. Secret Sunshine

Secret Sunshine tells the story of a mother that has lost her husband and has to try her best to look after her family. It’s a difficult film to watch with some incredibly sad moments, but the performances and script make it worth the time.

Jeon Do-yeon, who plays the main character of the widow, won a best actress award at Cannes, is enough of a reason for anyone to put Secret Sunshine on their watch list.