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Twilight – The Movie Which Spanned A Team Following

Twilight – The Movie Which Spanned A Team Following

The Twilight Saga is a series of movies that captured the hearts of many (and turned many others vehemently against it). It launched the highly successful careers of Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (who played Edward Cullen).

So whether you’re team Jacob or team Edward, all Twihards are passionate about the series and have seen the movies many times over. But what’s the attraction? What makes Twilight fans keep on coming back for more?

The Original Movie

In the first movie of the series, we got to know Bella, who is a new arrival in Forks. She has come to live with her dad – Sheriff Charlie – while her mother tours the country with her new baseball-playing husband.

The entire movie is shot with almost a blue hue which gives the viewer the feeling that something’s not right and that the whole town is clouded in mystery – which it is.

We are also introduced to the other major players, such as the Cullens and Jacob, who will end up playing a very pivotal role in Bella’s life.

There are many times during the movie when Edward has to do everything in his power to save Bella, despite all that he wants to do is to drink her blood. The movie ends off very happily with Edward sweeping Bella off her feet in a dashing tuxedo.

We are primed for the next movie and to see how they will take their relationship forward.

New Moon

Well… we don’t get what we were hoping for  – at least in the beginning part of the movie.

Edward leaves Forks as he is afraid that because Bella knows too much about vampires, the Volturi (who are the closest thing to royalty that the vampire world has) will kill her.

However, what he didn’t bank on was the Bella – ensconced with grief – would try everything that she could to kill herself so that she could see Edward again. So Edward decides to go to Italy – where the Volturi are – and reveal himself to the commoners.

Hearing of this news, Bella rushes to Italy to try and save him which she does. On their return to Forks, Edward says that he’ll turn Bella into a vampire if she agrees to marry him.

The ladies swoon and want to find out if Bella does indeed say yes desperately!


With Edward pledging his love for her, and Bella almost saying yes to his proposal, the two lovebirds still have to overcome one slight hurdle before they can live happily ever after – the Volturi. They find out that Bella hasn’t yet been turned into a vampire and they wage war on the Cullens and the werewolves (Jacob has now become a werewolf).

However, the good guys end up winning just like at real gaming sites, and Bella accepts Edward’s proposal!

Breaking Dawn

This two-part finale to the epic saga begins with Bella and Edward getting married and going on a fabulous honeymoon. While she almost dies after giving birth to their daughter, she does indeed get turned into a vampire and, in the second movie, they fight to preserve their quiet way of life against the Volturi once more, with obviously them winning out at the end of the day.

The Twilight Saga is the ultimate love story in which good triumphs over evil. Although it may involve vampires which shine in the sun (which is totally against the purist vision of vampires), you need to see this for what it is – a love story that makes you feel great after watching it.