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The Best Movies Out of South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s most stable countries, with an extremely high human index rating, a high GDP and the fastest internet in the world in general. They’re also one of the most highly educated countries on the globe and have become known in the movie industry for the quality films that they release every year.

Many of these films have become household names due to the excellent acting and production value, and while not all films from South Korea are among the best, these are some that are.

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Wes Anderson Movies Worth a Watch

Wes Anderson is an American filmmaker that has gained popularity due to his unique directing skills, creating films that rely on distinctive visuals and narrations. Anderson has realised a number of movies over the years, with a few of them earning both financial and critical success. These are some of the best movies that Wes Anderson has released.

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Best Netflix Films As Of 2020

The days of having to trudge to a cinema to see the latest blockbuster are over. There is now a treasure trove of endless entertainment available online, via streaming services such as Netflix. The real challenge can be finding the best Netflix original content, amidst an ever growing sea.

But, make no mistake, Netflix original films are now as good, or sometimes even better, than those made in Hollywood.

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New Zealand’s Top 5 Film Releases

Since the early 1990s, New Zealand has been creating excellent movies that rival even those of Hollywood in their own unique way. The Kiwis have a dark sense of humour and stunning local views, which make for some excellent filming opportunities and movies that have an unforgettable atmosphere to them. Think Lord of the Rings, Black Sheep, and the 1981 classic Goodbye Pork Pie.

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Demolition Man – The Film That Saw The Future

Demolition Man was released in 1993, featuring the star-studded cast of Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock. The story, set in 1996 and 2032, revolves around police officer John Spartan, (Stallone,) engaged in a heated conflict against a sadistic crime lord Simon Phoenix, (Snipes.) After a battle between the two reaches a boiling point in 1996, Spartan unintentionally causes the deaths of multiple civilians. He and Phoenix are put into cryogenic stasis as punishment.

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3 Outstanding Spielberg films So Far

There is hardly a person on earth who doesn’t know who Steven Spielberg is. He has had a bigger impact on the industry than virtually any other director. It was him who all but created the concept of a blockbuster. Or, a film that did so well it was seen around the world, made so much money that it defied belief, and was loved by so many that it became a permanent part of culture. What’s more staggering is that Spielberg not only invented the concept of a blockbuster, but has made more than any other director.

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