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The Film Industry’s Most Successful Franchises

The film industry has always been something of a mixed bag; where they’ve released some of the worst movies ever made alongside some of the most successful.

Films that have completely flopped at the box office released in the same year as franchises that have pulled in billions of dollars across the world.

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The Best World War II Movies Of All Time

World War II is considered by most war historians to be the bloodiest war of all time, with an estimated 30 to 50 million people losing their lives during the conflict. It was a time of technological and military revolution that saw the entire world fall into chaos for a number of years, and much of the damage that was caused took decades to repair.

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The Greatest Action Films Of All Time

Action has been one of the most popular genres of film since around the late 1970s, and it’s proven over and over again that it’s a genre that the audience will continue to flock to. Action films can encompass a wide range of different themes, from classic explosion-laden 80s flicks, to the more modern superhero movies that have taken the box office by storm in the last few years.

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The Biggest 90s Rom Coms

There’s nothing like a nostalgic Romantic Comedy (Rom Com) to lighten the day and end your evening off on a high note. The hey day of the Rom Com has to be the 1990s! Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Richard Gere and Hugh Grant were names to conjure with and life seemed simpler back then. Let’s take a look at some of the top Rom Coms that defined the 90s movie-making period:

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Horror Movies That Were Banned Worldwide

It’s quite rare for a movie to be banned by a single country, let alone a number of them, but sometimes a director will release a piece of work so violent or disturbing that the relevant authorities need to step in.

These are movies that are not suitable for the whole family and were often banned for a number of different factors, but the main focus is almost always violence, although animal cruelty is a good way of getting banned for a long time, depending on the country. These are the films that were so over the top that they were ultimately banned either forever or for a few years.

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What Makes Quentin Tarantino So Good?

Whatever you think of his films, you have to admit that Quentin Tarantino is a unique voice that makes movies in a way that is always true to his style. The man genuinely lives up to the idea of a true auteur. Many have accused him of being egotistical, but everyone who has worked with him has said he is great because he knows what he wants and how to explain that to you when working on set.

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Historical Movies That Got It Wrong

There has long been a debate raging between film scholars over whether or not a historical film has a duty to be accurate in its depiction of people and events. Considering that society has become such a visual creature, and many prefer to learn through film rather than books, this is quite the important question.

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